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Lumos Series LED Lights are engineered to have the highest CRI, Minimum green cast, No Fan, Excellent Uniformity, Color Accuracy, Superior Finish, Reduced Glare, Eco-Friendly and DMX Standard.  Lumos Lights are suitable for Professional Film making and HD Video.  By focusing on quality and R&D, we strive to provide the highest quality LED Lighting for our customers.
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The Comparison data with Halogen Lamp




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Chroma Key Studio

CRI 90

CRI 80

CRI 70

CRI Comparison chart

What is the CRI (Color Rendering Index)

CRI is a general indicator of how "natural" object colors will appear when illuminated by a particular

light source.  Generally, A CRI of 90 and above will be required for broadcasting and film.

Tungsten Light
Average LED
Low Grade LED
Max. 100
Small Giant LED Light

The Advantages of Lumos LED

· Industry’s highest CRI - Max. 98 Ra at 3200K  

· Lumos LED lights can be used in Chromakey studio · Minimal green cast · Top level credibility and quality - Passed aging test for 6 months · Very soft and even lighting · High quality LED light for true professionals · Lumos has provided hundreds of LED lights for major HD broadcasting     studios in S. Korea and 10 countries in Asia · Quality proved by international customers such as US, Russia, Japan, Hongkong,   Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam etc.  
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